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How Long Are Parameters Retained?

From 1 November 2014
the harmonized standard EN 14315-1 is a mandatory technical specification for the use of spray foams, and the only acceptable marking is a label containing the CE mark with the declared set of foam properties (in accordance with the above standard).
Only tests carried out by notified research and certification institutions (e.g. Polish Building Research Institute) constitute the basis for issuing a Declaration of Performance, and the packaging includes appropriate labels with,
among other things,
the CE marking.
On the basis of the above
standard, it can be concluded that properly applied foam retains the following values:

-the declared lambda value

-water absorption

-compressive strength

-reaction to fire

Products tested and labeled in accordance with EN 14315-1 take into account the 25-year long aging process and guarantee that the parameters will remain unchanged throughout this period.