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GREENLINE ™ – Green Chemicals from PCC Group

These days, sustainable development is an integral part of the global economy. The modern chemical sector was one of the first industries to include environmental aspects in its strategy.

The policy of manufacturers such as the PCC Group must be based on operation with well-balanced ecological, social, and economic factors.
The chemical sector decided to implement international and local norms and standards, as well as management systems that adjust production and sales to regulations that take into account the exploitation of the natural environment.
The industry begun to transform its technologies into cleaner and safer ones, products are now certified, and solutions that use renewable energy sources and many other ecological innovations have been introduced.

The PCC Group also applies European and global standards that contribute to a philosophy of sustainable production.
One of our priorities when expanding our product portfolio is for our offer to be in line with the green trends in the field of chemicals.
This is why we are offering our customers a new line of products called GREENLINE™.
This range is consistent with all aspects of green chemicals, which means
that those who buy the products from the line will also be able to conform to the idea of sustainable development in their business.

The key aspects in the sustainable production of chemicals for the PCC Group include taking into account the biodegradability and emissions of designed products at the design stage, reducing waste, using green energy in technological processes, and using raw materials from renewable sources.

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