Technical consultancy

PCC PRODEX employees have all the necessary know-how and experience to support our clients:

In choosing a polyurethane system with the right key components; on the basis of collected information, our technologists and research team can develop a new or optimize an existing polyurethane system (PU) in order to meet specific client requirements.

In implementing a polyurethane system in specific production conditions. PCC PRODEX technologists provide all necessary help on site.

In special cases we help to choose the right machine for a specific application.

Crossin products are two types of technically advanced insulation: polyurethane spray foams and insulation panels. Innovative character of Crossin line is a foundation on which we build your comfort and satisfaction.

We aspire to paint the future in light colours, protecting warmth and good energy with a layer of safety and balance. Your needs are our inspiration in creating new systemic solutions, sustainable technologies and continuous improvement. Therefore we are building a strong brand based on deliberate choices made not only by our business partners but, most of all, modern, conscious families.