High and repetitive quality of spray polyurethane systems produced by a long-time and active producer of polyurethane, PCC Prodex company, has been confirmed by a renowned Finnish research institute. 

Thorough research corroborated a high quality of spray polyurethane systems (PUR) with closed-cell structure, i.e. EKOPRODUR S0329, EKOPRODUR S0329W and EKOPRODUR S0540. All these products successfully passed restrictive tests for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emission in building materials and the requirements of the classification of air quality inside buildings.

A volatile organic compound is practically every organic substance which vaporizes in normal ambient conditions (pressure and temperature). According to the EU directive 2004/42/WE, the term VOC refers to any volatile organic compound which has a boiling point between 50 and 250°C, measured at the pressure of 101.3 kPa.

EKOPRODUR S0329, EKOPRODUR S0329W and EKOPRODUR S0540 systems obtained the highest classification, class M1. Comprehensive tests were carried out in a Finnish research institute The Building Information Foundation RTS sr. Thereby PCC Prodex has confirmed its endevours, commiting itself to market products which not only accentuate our environmental friendliness but also our health consciousness.